2014 interns: Holly from England, Fiorella from Peru, David from the US and Sasank from India
Rebecca Brady in 2013 with her students at the Tuzla summer institute
Katherine Cole in 2010 at the Tuzla Summer Institute closing ceremony
Stevie Lin Thacker and Rusla Abdulganiyev enjoying a light moment during the 2010 summer institute
Interns and participants of the Tuzla Summer Institute sharing stories about their experiences abroad
Kenichi Nozaki and a summer institute participant during a volunteer action at our host high school in Doboj

Summer Internships

A summer internship at BILD is an intense, rewarding and unique experience as interns are given immense responsibility in a demanding, culturally sensitive setting. In fact, the success of our program is highly dependent on the internship team. Interns teach at two integrated summer educational programs in two cities that were on opposite sides during the Bosnian war (1992-1995).

Interns teach at the Tuzla Summer Institute which takes place in a predominantly Bosniak city and the Doboj Summer Institute which takes place in a predominantly Serbian city. Both institutes teach practical skills that help prepare young people for their academic studies, their professional careers and their roles as citizens in a secular multiethnic and democratic society. Skills taught include English, information technology, business skills and organizational development. In addition, interns participate in extra-curricular activities that bring people of different cultures together while visiting places of cultural and historical significance.

The Tuzla and Doboj Summer Institutes (TSI/DSI) constitute a unique experience for both students and teachers as TSI/DSI combine academic choice and practical education in a highly diverse cultural setting. Students are entirely free to choose only the workshops they want to take. Hence, teachers enjoy a classroom full of students who truly want to be there.

What makes TSI/DSI an especially valuable program is that it takes place in a country that has suffered through a genocidal war and extreme nationalism resulting in endemic ethnic tensions and economic stagnation. TSI/DSI sets an example of people from all of Bosnia’s main cultural groups sharing mutual respect while creating a better future for themselves.

What qualifications are needed?

First and foremost, the intern must be respectful of people with very different cultural values. Interns do not teach values but rather practical skills while respecting the values of those who attend the summer institutes.

The intern needs to have a strong commitment and be highly motivated to help young people in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The intern must be willing to follow instructions and respect the boundaries set by BILD staff.

The intern’s English language skills need to be exemplary, especially his or her spoken English (free of verbal clutter such as “like”, “you know”).

The intern needs to be a self-starter, able to identify what needs to be done without excessive supervision, and be adaptable to changing circumstances.

It is not necessary but if the intern has skills/experience in the following, it is a benefit: Microsoft Office applications, software programming, building websites, teaching experience, business skills, oral presentation skills.

In short, we are looking for remarkably dedicated, enthusiastic, respectful, talented people with a positive attitude, ready to adapt to the at times changing needs of our program.

When is the internship?

The actual dates of each intern’s arrival and departure are determined through mutual agreement. The summer institutes take place in late June and mid-July.

Where is the internship?

Interns live in the city of Tuzla in northeastern Bosnia-Herzegovina. The Tuzla Summer Institute takes place at the Behram-begova medresa. The intern’s apartment is within walking distance of the medresa. During the Doboj Summer Institute, the interns travel one hour each way to and from Doboj, a city 65 kilometers west of Tuzla. The Doboj Summer Institute takes place at the Doboj Center for Education and Culture.

How much does it cost?

This is an unpaid internship. The intern is responsible for acquiring all necessary funding. Interns often receive grants from their universities or colleges of approximately $3,000 which is usually sufficient for all of the intern’s summer expenses depending on international travel costs. International travel costs usually range from $900 to $1,400 round trip. The cost of an apartment, a cell phone, all necessary local transportation is about $1,200. A budget of $5 to $10 per day for food and other personal expenses is sufficient. Further details are provided during the application process.

How do I get there?

Interns are responsible for their international travel. When they arrive in Bosnia-Herzegovin, interns will be greeted by BILD staff who will drive them to their apartment in Tuzla. In order to be greeted such, the intern needs to arrive at a location within 3 hours drive from Tuzla which includes the two locations most often used by interns, the train station in Doboj and the airport in Sarajevo.

How do I apply?

Send an email to Christopher Bragdon at intern@bildbosnia.org and express your desire to learn more about this internship. Mr. Bragdon will correspond with you to help determine if this internship would be appropriate for you. If so, Mr. Bragdon will invite you to send your resume and a cover letter. The application process usually includes several skype conversations with former interns and Mr. Bragdon. Along with the initial email to Mr. Bragdon, applicants are encouraged to send any specific questions they have regarding the internship.

Katherine Cole (left) from Amherst College presenting a certificate of completion

Lillian Aoki from Cornell University teaching
graphic design skills

Daniel Bell saying good-bye in 2009 at the end of the Tuzla Summer Institute

2010 interns, Stevie, Lillian and Katherine join a
chicken delivery

2014 interns Holly and Fiorella join flood relief efforts

Arti Dhar joins the Tuzla Summer Institute tennis tournament in 2012

British Ambassador Nigel Casey visits the
Tuzla Summer Institute in 2013

Sasanka Kanuparthi leading a thematic ESL class at the Doboj Summer Institute in 2014