Students learning about computer maintenance and system administration
IT-on-Wheels participant learning about HTML5 and CSS3
Participants gain experience repairing computers at a Doboj high school
Students learning web design software

IT Workforce Development

Today in Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) and throughout the EU economy, there is limitless potential for employment in the IT sector. Every day, IT companies in BiH are posting advertisements asking for programmers. The European Commission (EC) has warned that the EU economy is facing a shortage of 900,000 programmers between now and 2020. Meanwhile, unfortunately, BiH universities are not teaching the specific skills needed by the IT sector.

Through our project called “BILD-IT”, we are teaching young people skills in immediately marketable programming skills, namely: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Java programming, Tomcat, Maven, SQL, JPA, Spring, and ORM. We have established relationships with BiH IT companies so that we already know where our young people can find jobs once they have acquired the necessary skills. And, through our entrepreneurship training, we encourage young people to become freelance programmers and create their own companies.

We have both peer-to-peer classes where young people help each other acquire skills and instruction from professors and professionals.


With private donors contributing computers, a trailer and a van, and grant organizations assisting with operational costs, we are able to implement “It-on-Wheels” through which we can set up a computer classroom for a weekend and offer IT classes at our host partner organizations. High school university students help eachother learn programming languages and use such programs as Photoshop and InDesign. These “IT-on-Wheels” classes take place throughout our area of operations from Teslić to Tuzla.

IT workforce development

In partnership with the municipalities of Doboj, Tešanj, Gračanica, Petrovo, Usora and in direct coordination with the Doboj-based IT company 'codecentric', we offer intensive weekly classes through which an exceptionally well motivated and dedicated person can go from zero to employment in 10 months.

Summer institutes

Each summer, we also offer a range of IT courses at our summer institutes which take place over 6 weeks consisting of one or two week workshops open to all youth throughout the Tuzla-Doboj area. Through our summer institutes hundreds of youth have been introduced to IT and entrepreneuship some starting their own business.

In this way, we further our mission of encouraging people from all parts of BiH to create common ground and a shared future through education and entrepreneurship.

Students learning PHP computer programming

Students learning HTML 5 and CSS

Osman Salihović demonstrating creative
computer maintenance

Our IT courses are highly popular within our
regional youth community