SEEDS has provided annual core funding every year since 2006 as well as project-specific support
The Soros Foundation has provided four years of funding for our chicken project as well as support for our youth programs
The British government has provided multi-year funding for our summer institutes and our IT training program
The World Bank provided a $135.000 grant in 2002-2004 which helped us develop our model for mobilizing youth and provided laptops in 2013 for our IT training program
The Cornell Insitute for Public Affairs hosted Reis Kavazović in 2008 and from that visit onward has supported our development of the summer institutes
The Islamic Community of BiH has provided their Tuzla-based high school and financial assistance each year for the summer institutes
The Doboj Municipality has provided financial assistance each year since 2011 for our summer institutes and our IT training program
The Norwegian Embassy provided a grant in 2012-2013 to help develop our regional youth community
The Mozaik Foundation provided a grant in 2012-2013 to help develop youth oriented entrepreneurship projects

Our Sponsors

South East Europe Development Solutions

Years contributing: 2006 to present

Soros Foundation
Open Society Foundation

Years contributing: 2010 to 2015

British Embassy

Years contributing: 2010 to 2017

World Bank

Years contributing: 2002-2005, 2013

Cornell University
Cornell Institute for Public Affairs

Years contributing: 2007 - 2012

Islamic Community
of BiH

Years contributing: 2009 to present

Doboj Municipality

Years contributing: 2011 to present

Norwegian Embassy

Years contributing: 2012-2013

Mozaik Foundation

Years contributing: 2012-2013