Participants at the Tuzla Summer Institute celebrating after the certificate ceremony
Kenichi Nozaki teaching a thematic ESL class at the Doboj Summer Institute
Summer institute participants enjoy a supportive learning environment
Students helping each other learn Python computer programming at the Tuzla Summer Institute
Doboj Summer Institute participants enjoying extra-curricular activities
Participants arrive from Tuzla to attend the Doboj Summer Institute
Doboj Summer institute participants on their way to the Goransko lake for a day of fun and games

The Tuzla and Doboj Summer Institutes

The Tuzla and Doboj Summer Institutes teach practical skills that help young people succeed in their academic studies, their professional careers and their roles as citizens in a secular multi-ethnic and democratic society.

Open to all cultures and faiths, the summer institutes bring together over 400 youth from throughout the Doboj-Tuzla region. With an international staff from throughout the world, the summer institutes teach business, information technology, organizational and English language skills to high school and university students.

Inspired teachers, enthusiastic participants

The Tuzla and Doboj Summer Institute constitute a unique experience for both students and teachers and the institutes combine academic choice and practical education in a highly diverse cultural setting. Students are entirely free to choose only the courses they want to take. Teachers are free to create their own courses teaching practical skills that are of immediate benefit of the students.

Building common ground, a shared future

What makes the summer institutes an especially valuable program is that it takes place in a country that has suffered through a genocidal war and extreme nationalism resulting in endemic ethnic tensions and economic stagnation. The summer institutes set an example of people from all of Bosnia's main cultural groups sharing mutual respect while creating a better future for themselves.

Diverse and strong partnerships

BILD implements the Doboj Summer Institute in partnershipp with the Doboj Municipality and the Tuzla Summer Institute in partnership with the Catholic School Center and the Islamic Community of BiH. The Tuzla Summer Institute started in 2009 while the Doboj Summer Institute was established in 2011.

International contributors to the development and implementation of the summer institutes include the British government, the Norwegian Embassy, the World Bank, Cornell University, and the US-based NGO SEEDS - South East Europe Development Solutions.

The following universities and colleges have provided funding for the travel and accommodations of the international staff at the summer institutes: Harvard University, Yale University, the London School of Economics, Cornell University, Amherst College, Middlebury College, University of Michigan, University of Virginia and Keene State College.

Teacher Arti Dhar presenting a certificate of completion at the Doboj Summer Institute to Jozefina Glavaš

Male / Female breakdown of the summer institutes

Lillian Aoki teaching graphic design skills at the
Tuzla Summer Institute